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Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Laboratory Packaging

The right choices in laboratory packaging can make a dramatic difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of research and testing. This paper reviews the key considerations for choosing the right container, closure, and any treatments and services.Click here to examine the important decisions you need to consider when selecting laboratory packaging.

Ensuring Excellent Quality

Poor quality drives customers away and leads to significant business costs and inefficiencies. The cost of poor quality is estimated at 20% of revenue for the average company. So investing in quality is smart for your customers, employees, and shareholders. This paper reviews strategies for implanting a system that will deliver excellent quality and strengthen the entire supply chain.Click here to read more about ensuring excellent quality within your business.

People Power

Companies strive to differentiate themselves in numerous ways. Some do it through their products, some through their supply chains, and some through their processes and systems. But over time, these advantages can diminish or be copied by competitors. The most effective companies drive an advantage through their people and culture. This paper presents evidence on the importance of a human-resource focus and shares a five-part People Model to help companies select, invest, engage, and retain the right team as well as improve over time by listening to employees.Click here to read more about building a profitable business through human-resource excellence.

Qorpak Lab Buyers Survey

Laboratories cannot function without the necessary supplies. Qorpak’s 2013 lab buyer survey sheds light on how buyers of laboratory supplies operate and how certain suppliers perform. The intent of the research is to provide context for discussions on building the most efficient and effective sourcing model for laboratory supplies.Click here to see our Market Brief from our recent Lab Buyers Survey

Supply Chain Consolidation

Complexity burdens most companies. Supply chains suffer from too many suppliers, too many items, and overly-built infrastructures. This paper looks at the What, Why, How, and Where of consolidating packaging complexity. With these concepts, supply chains can be leaner, more robust, and more profitable. When fully embraced, complexity reduction initiatives can yield cost savings as high as 25-35% while also driving revenue lift.Click here to read more about Rationalizing Packaging Complexity for Profit

Finding a Hybrid Packaging Supplier

Manufacturers and distributors play different roles in the markets they serve. A manufacturer’s main role is to create or assemble the product. A distributor helps get the product to the right places. Both are important activities, but both of these parties can create ineffi ciency in the supply chain. The refrain “a distributor is just another mouth to feed” refl ects some of this ineffi ciency. In some industries, however, another type of player called a “hybrid supplier” has emerged. Hybrid suppliers partner up well with manufacturers, addressing their limitations, and offer additional benefi t to customers. This paper elaborates on the hybrid model and shows how hybrid suppliers can add tremendous value to a company’s supply chain and bottom line.Click here to read about Finding a Hybrid Packaging Supplier.

Winning with Customers: Establishing a Customer Focused Organization

Executives work feverishly to grow revenues and expand profit margins. It's very tempting to pull many costly levers - in advertising, marketing, sales and product development, and beyond - to find the next big customer "win." This paper elaborates on the best practices in keeping and growing existing customers. Click here to read about Winning with Customers.