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Oil & Gas Industry Favorites

The Oil & Gas Industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing petroleum products. This industry provides more than 60% of energy, fueling cars, heating homes and cooking food. Qorpak offers a variety of packaging and supplies to assist the Oil & Gas Industry, including but not limited to:

Glass Packaging

Clear French Squares are space-saving and easy to fill.

Clear Oil Sample Bottles are provided with a #6 cork and feature a unique design, ideal for field analysis in the oil and gas industry.

Boston Round Bottles are general use bottles that are perfect for liquids, product storage and field work sampling.

Mix, measure, store and pour in one container with our Graduated Medium Round Bottles.

Media Bottles are useful for storing and handling growth media and other lab supplies.

Clear Straight Sided Round Jars are designed without shoulders for maximum storage capacity and content visibility.

Pre-Cleaned Glass Containers are ideal for maintaining pure contents during sampling, testing and validation.

These general purpose vials assure content integrity and are available in clear, amber, cobalt blue and green glass.

Amber and Clear Glass Jugs with molded finger grips are the perfect storage solution for large quantities of liquid.

Plastic Packaging

PET Packer Bottles feature glass like clarity and are durable and rigid.

Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Round Bottles are ideal for general use with solids and powders.

Otherwise known as Oil Analysis Bottles, these bottles are cleaned and certified per specifications and come in regular or heavyweight.

Lab Style Bottles feature a leak-resistant closure, making these bottles perfect for storing, shipping and packaging liquids.

Narrow Mouth Plastic Cylinder Bottles are perfect for handling liquid samples in labs and for pouring small amounts.

Plastic Jugs provide the capacity needed without the weight and potential for breakage of glass. 

Metal Packaging

Metal Cans are able to withstand physical shock, making them excellent for shipping and storage

Metal Pails are offered in closed or open head style.


Thermoset & Phenolic Caps are known for providing the best chemical compatibility and being temperature tolerant.

Polypropylene Caps are known for good impact strength, durability, cost effectiveness, thermal resistance and pliability.
Metal Caps offer the widest range of temperature tolerances and are very resistant to fracture from impact.

Hole Caps are available in phenolic or polypropylene and are ideal for injection purposes.

Dispensing Caps are ideal for controlled amounts of liquid.


We offer a full line of plastic and glass beakers in a variety of styles and sizes.

We provide a variety of plastic and glass lab flasks for many different applications.

Detergents provide concentrated powders and liquid anionic detergents for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. 

Lab Filtration Devices designed for filtration of samples with the most advanced construction and design available.

Our Gloves are fully textured and powder free, keeping users safe without compromising mobility.

Stirrers, Mixers, Shakers & Hot Plates are available in many popular styles.

Scales and Balances are available with a selection of features, capacities and resolutions to fit your application.

Fiberboard Specimen Mailers meet government regulations for mailing liquids. 

We offer a wide range of quality pipets in glass and plastic to dispense just the right amount of liquid.

Aluminum Weigh Dishes are disposable and can be used as evaporating dishes, dust covers or balance pans.

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