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Forensic Science Industry Favorites

The Forensic Science industry involves the collection, preservation and analysis of scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. It relies heavily on the principles of chemistry and biology and requires a variety of packaging and supplies. Qorpak offers that variety to fulfill your Forensic Science needs with our products, including but not limited to:

Glass Packaging

Clear French Squares are space-saving and easy to fill.

These general purpose vials assure content integrity and are available in clear, amber, cobalt blue and green glass.

Pre-Cleaned Glass Bottles are ideal for maintaining pure content during sampling, testing and validation.

Pre-Cleaned Glass Vials are ideal for maintaining pure content during sampling, testing and validation.

Plastic Packaging

Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Round Bottles are ideal for general use with solids and powders.

Pre-Cleaned Plastic Containers are ideal for maintaining pure contents during sampling, testing and validation.

Metal Packaging

Metal Cans are able to withstand physical shock, making them excellent for shipping and storage.


Thermoset and Phenolic Caps are known for providing the best chemical compatibility and being the most temperature tolerant.


We offer a wide variety of Plastic Bags for various lab applications.

Our gloves are fully textured and powder free, keeping users safe without compromising mobility.

Disposable Weighing Dishes and Papers are ideal for sample preparation.

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