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What is a Cubitainer?


A Cubitainer® is a semi-rigid plastic cube, or bladder, that is rugged yet flexible and easy to handle. This standalone container provides significant performance, environmental and cost benefits for storage, transport and dispensing of liquids, viscous and granular materials. Cubitainers® are durable enough to be used alone but may also be used with a corrugated outer carton to create a robust and almost indestructible package. It has a threaded neck finish so that it can be affixed with a cap or spigot. It can be adapted to most in-line filling machines.

The Cubitainer® Advantage

Environmental Benefit

Cost Benefit


Less production, less energy to recycle

Lower material and transport costs


Less space taken up in recycling facilities

Lower storage, handling and transport costs


Easy to keep out of landfills

Lower overall materials purchases


Eliminates harsh cleaning chemicals needed to re-use containers

Lower product costs versus replacing more permanent containers

Closed-loop Production

Reduces reliance on virgin resin production

Lower product costs, reduced risks of contamination

When filled, the Cubitainer® assumes the shape of a cube and when empty, it can be folded into itself. Cube® collapses as the product dispenses in a non-glugging, high-volume, uninterrupted stream. Using the Cube® with 97-100% efficiency gets the product out and reduces product waste. Proprietary blends of FDA-compliant low (LDPE) and linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) make a Cube® flexible enough to handle every kind of product, from battery acid to saline, adhesives to spirits. This makes the Cube® ideal for almost every industry.

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Industry Solutions

Environmental Sampling

Food, Beverage & Flavorings

Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Industrial Chemicals

Inks & Coatings

Paints & Adhesives

Rugged yet flexible and easy to handle standalone container





Optimal solution for storage, refilling and dispensing at point of service





Small to large sizes for field collection, sampling and mixing





Complete evacuation – no glugging, smooth dispensing





Enclosure protects contents from dirt, dust and grime





Handles allow for portability and pourability






Easy to handle with various dispensing options for optimal control and safety




Superior portability for any terrain – air drop capable






Meet UN and DOT requirements – Certified for Group II and III Hazmat shipped





Safe, FDA compliant, reusable container for water storage and food- BPA Free





Customize to quickly differentiate products






Coating treatments eliminate oxygen permeation and protect flavors






Fluorine treatment available to improve chemical resistance






Tamper evident packaging options available



Additional Industry Applications Include: Medical/Diagnostics, Reagents, Lubes & Oils, Soaps and Sanitation, Asphalt Coating, Powders, Cosmetics & Many Others!

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