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Glass Container Styles

Glass Bottles & Jars

Boston Round Bottles
Boston Round Bottles are general use bottles that are perfect for liquids, product storage, and field or plant sampling projects. They feature a round body, rounded shoulders and narrow screw neck opening. These environmentally sensitive bottles help eliminate waste and help to insure product integrity for long term storage. Clear / Flint Boston Round Bottles offers maximum visibility and sample integrity. Amber & Cobalt Blue Boston Round Bottles protect contents from UV rays and are ideal for light sensitive products.

Composite Test Jars
Clear / Flint Composite Test Jars are clear wide-mouth straight sided jars that are ideal for sampling and provide maximum content visibility. These bottles are designed without shoulders for maximum storage capacity.

French Square Bottles
Clear / Flint French Square Bottles provide maximum content visibility. The space saving design saves on shelf and storage space. The wide mouth opening is ideal for mixing, storing and sampling.

Graduated Medium Round Bottles
Bottle Beakers® also known as Graduated Medium Rounds are excellent for use with biological and pathological specimens, but can also be used for storing industrial laboratory chemicals and reagents. These clear / flint bottles are designed with a slight shoulder for easy pouring and handling. Graduated in ml and ounces. Mix, measure, and store in the same container.

Media Bottles
Media Bottles are manufactured from PYREX® borosilicate glass for chemical and thermal resistance and can be used for storage as well as mixing and sampling. Regular Media Bottles have permanent white enamel graduations and marking spots. PYREXPlus® Media Bottles have a protective PVC coating helps prevent glass from shattering and reduces spills. Teal enameled graduations and marking spot.

Oil Sample Bottles
Clear / Flint Oil Sample Bottles are provided with a #6 cork and feature a unique design. These clear bottles are ideal for field analysis in the petroleum industry. The design of this bottle also makes it an excellent choice for displaying product samples.

Square Tablet Bottles
Clear / Flint Square Tablet Bottles provide maximum content visibility. Square glass bottles feature a space saving design for bench tops with limited storing space. These wide mouth bottles are ideal for mixing, storing and sampling.

Standard Wide Mouth Bottles
Clear / Flint Standard Wide Mouth Bottles feature a wide opening making them the ideal general purpose bottle. Applications include pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and food packaging and storing.

Straight Sided Round Jars
Clear / Flint Straight Sided Round Jars are ideal for sampling and are designed without shoulders to provide maximum storage capacity and visibility.

Wide Mouth Packer Bottles
Amber Wide Mouth Packer Bottles feature a wide opening making them the ideal general purpose bottle for solid sampling. Applications include pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental. Ideal for light sensitive products.

Glass Vials & Tubes

Chromatography Vials
Borosilicate glass Chromatography Vials are available with crimp, snap top or screw necks. Large or standard openings with your choice of color coded graduation spots or marking spots which can be written on with a #2 pencil. Our quality chromatography vials work with most autosamplers.

Sample Vials
Type I borosilicate Glass Sample Vials assures the contents integrity. Vials are ideal for storing and sampling small amounts of liquid and powders. Choose clear for maximum visibility or amber, cobalt blue or green for protection from UV rays. Cobalt blue and green vials are commonly used for aromatherapy and essential oil packaging.

Quality borosilicate culture and test Tubes are offered in a variety of sizes and styles including flat or round bottom, rimless, beaded rim or screw thread. Test tubes have beaded rims or are available with sidearms.

Additional Glass Vessels

Aromatherapy & Cosmetic Containers
Qorpak’s line of beautiful glass nail enamel bottles, fragrance bottles and make-up jars are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These unique bottles and jars are also great for perfect for lotions, shampoos and creams. To find out more, please contact our Customer Care Team at (800) 922-7558.

Borosilicate glass Beakers with spout are manufactured to provide balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Most size have a scale to indicate approximate content and an extra large marking spot. All beakers are designed to ASTM E-960.

Borosilicate glass Flasks are available in variety of styles & sizes. Boiling flasks are available with round or flat bottoms. Glass culture flasks with long neck or low form narrow mouth flask. Erlenmeyer flasks in heavy duty, filtering, narrow & wide mouth, & low Actinic. Available with or without stoppers or caps. Filtering Flasks have sidearm tabulations and are graduated to show approximate capacity. Volumetric flasks in heavy duty, PYREXPlus®, snap cap, low Actinic, Class A and economy. Kjeldahl flasks, specially styled, have tooled finished necks for extra strength and uniform stopper fit.

Graduated Cylinders
Borosilicate glass Graduated Cylinders measure accurate volumes of liquids. Available calibrated "to contain" or "to deliver", graduated cylinders can be used to calibrate other glassware. Graduations available in single or double metric scale.

Glass Jugs with molded finger grips are the perfect storage solution for large quantities of liquid. Amber Jugs protects against harmful UV rays. For larger capacities with the chemical resistance of glass, choose our 5 gallon water bottle. You provide the stopper in either a #16 cork or #6.5 rubber.