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Cannabis Industry Favorites

More than 26 states currently have laws broadly legalizing cannabis in some form, with many more states currently voting on whether or not to join them. Our selection of products can help you meet lab safety and product regulations as well as facilitate in the safe transportation of your cannabis products. Qorpak provides many in-stock lab and packaging options for the cannabis industry, including but not limited to:

Glass Packaging

Light sensitive glass bottles featuring a round body, rounded shoulders and a narrow screw neck opening. Recommended for use with tinctures, oils and other liquids, as well as field and plant samplings. Ask about our child resistant cap options.

Excellent general use bottles, ideal for when content integrity and protection from UV wavelengths are important. Recommended for long-term storage of liquid and field or plant samplings. Ask about our child resistant cap options.

Wide opening makes them ideal for any storage or laboratory need. Primarily used for plant storage or personal care. 

Boston Round bottles supplied with attached glass dropper assemblies are ideal for dispensing small amounts of liquids, including oils and tinctures. Available in both clear and amber glass. Ask about our child resistant cap options.

Oval Amber glass dropper bottles offer a space saving design and are ideal for storing light sensitive products. Recommended for use with oils and tinctures. Ask about our child resistant cap options.

Designed without shoulders for maximum storage capacity and content visibility. Ideal for plant storage and personal care.

Choose from a variety of colors and sizes in our glass sample vials, best utilized with applications involving oils, tinctures and other liquids. Available in amber, clear, cobalt blue and green.

Plastic Packaging

These bottles provide an excellent moisture barrier and are impact resistant, making them resilient enough for long distance travel and shipping. Great for storing dispensary supplies. Ask about our child resistant cap options.

Wide neck jars, ideal for storing and packaging solids and powders. Polypropylene containers are commonly utilized for edible storage because they will not leach chemicals into foods or liquids. Ask about our child resistant cap options.


Increase safety and deter product tampering with Wet Shrink Bands. Suitable for glass, plastic or metal containers and fit most styles of bottles and jars, including unique shapes.

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