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Breweries & Wineries Industry Favorites

Breweries and Wineries are locations where beer and wine are made, respectively. The production rooms in both breweries and wineries involve many different types of packaging and supplies - Qorpak offers a wide variety of packaging and supplies for this industry, including but not limited to:

Glass Packaging

Boston Round Bottles are general use bottles that are perfect for liquids and ingredient storage.

Clear French Squares are space-saving, easy to fill and offer maximum content visibility. 

Amber and Clear Glass Jugs with molded finger grips are the perfect storage solutions for large quantities of liquid.

These general purpose vials assure content integrity and are available in clear, amber, cobalt blue and green glass.

Plastic Packaging

Durable White HDPE Open Head Pails are ideal for storing and shipping large volumes of solids, powders and liquids.


Green Thermoset Plastic Caps with F217 & PTFE Liners are known for providing the widest range of chemical compatibility.

Black Phenolic F217 & PTFE Lined Caps are the most temperature tolerant of plastic closures.

Black Phenolic Rubber Lined Caps exhibit good resiliency and resistance to moisture vapor.

Phenolic Pulp/Vinyl Lined Caps are perfect for general use and recommended for use with food and beverage.


Our gloves are fully textured and powder free, keeping users safe without compromising mobility.

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