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Why Aluminum Bottles can be a Good Alternative to Plastic Bottles

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Why Aluminum Bottles can be a Good Alternative to Plastic Bottles

Aluminum Bottles are seamless and BPA fee with a FDA approved inner coating. The lightweight nature of aluminum bottles allows for a cost-effective and impact-resistant solution. They readily accept pressure sensitive labels and they have a clear external lacquer. Their smooth, brushed look make them an elegant choice and they are suited for packaging cosmetic products. Bulk pack bottles are placed in cardboard trays for easy handling and extra protection during shipping.

Why Aluminum Bottles are a Great Choice

Light -Weight - Aluminum weighs less by volume than most other metals making it easier to handle and less expensive to ship.

UV Protection- Aluminum bottles provide peace of mind with light-sensitive contents.

Extreme Cold Increases Aluminums Strength - The strength of aluminum actually increases under very cold temperatures making it shatterproof.

Corrosion Resistant - The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum is due to the presence of a naturally occurring thin, hard protective film of aluminum oxide that bonds tenaciously to the surface. Aluminum does not rust like steel.

Non-Magnetic - Aluminum is non- magnetic making it is useful for high-voltage applications, as well as for electronics.

Non-Combustible - Aluminum will not ignite or burn, even when at extremely high temperatures and it does not produce toxic fumes.

Recyclable - Aluminum can be recycled at a fraction of the initial production costs. It can be recycled over and over without losing any of its characteristics or loss of quality. Aluminum offers high scrap value, widespread consumer acceptance, and aluminum recycling enjoys significant industry support.

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