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Agricultural Industry Favorites

The Agricultural Industry encircles a variety of procedures wherein natural resources give rise to a number of products. This industry consists of many different activities including harvesting crops and plants, livestock feeding, horticulture, landscaping services, veterinary services, labor management, soil preparation and more. Qorpak offers a variety of Agricultural packaging and supplies including but not limited to:

Glass Packaging

Wide Mouth Packer Bottles feature a wide opening, making them ideal general purpose bottles for solids.

Boston Round Bottles are general use bottles that are perfect for liquids, product storage and field work sampling.

Clear French Square Bottles are space-saving and easy to fill.

Clear Straight Sided Round Jars are designed without shoulders for maxium storage capacity and content visibility.

These general purpose vials provide exceptional resistance to heat shock and offer maximum visibility. 

Plastic Packaging

Natural Polypropylene Jars are translucent and durable, ideal for storing and collecting.

White Polypropylene Jars are ideal for solids and powders.

Lab Style Bottles feature a leak-resistant closure, making these bottles perfect for storing, shipping and packaging liquids.

Natural HDPE Modern Round Bottles are commonly used for the storage and packaging of liquids and feature side panels for labeling.

PET Packer Bottles feature glass-like clarity and are durable and rigid.

Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Round Bottles are ideal for general use with solids and powders.

1 Gallon HDPE Plastic Square Jugs are durable with a space-saving design.


Our gloves are fully textured and powder free, keeping users safe without compromising mobility.

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