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Plastic Container Styles

Plastic Bottles & Jars

Boston Round Bottles
Natural LDPE Boston Round Bottles are the perfect solution for liquid sample handling in a squeezable bottle. These bottles are virtually unbreakable and more resistant to stress cracking than HDPE bottles. They retain their impact strength at very low temperatures.

Cylinder Bottles
Narrow mouth Cylinder Bottles are perfect for handling liquid samples in the lab. The shoulder style allows you to pour small quantities without spilling. Clear PVC Cylinder Bottles provide an excellent resistance to oxygen permeation, oils and good water barrier characteristics. Transparent and rigid, they allow for easy visual identification of the amount of product inside. HDPE cylinder Bottles are translucent and impact resistant. HDPE bottles are ideal for high-speed filling, demanding pharmaceutical specifications and the rough handling of interstate shipping. Available in natural or white which offers a degree of light protection. Wide Mouth Cylinder Bottles offer all the benefits of the cylinder shape and HDPE properties but with the added advantage of a wider opening.

Jars are ideal for storing and collecting specimens and lab supplies. Wide neck and straight sides facilitate easy recovery of contents. Rigid Clear Polystyrene Jars offer glass-like clarity with a smooth surface that is slip-resistant. Natural Polypropylene Jars are translucent and durable. Polypropylene offers greater tolerance to high temperatures than HDPE and better contact clarity. Co-polymer Jars are made from polypropylene and styrene. This combination gives the jars great temperature tolerance and rigidity. White Polypropylene Jars are ideal for solids, powders and cosmetics.

Lab Style Bottles
HDPE Lab Style Bottles feature excellent chemical resistance and the leak resistant closure make these bottles ideal for storing, shipping and packaging liquids for long periods. Available in narrow or wide mouth and are supplied with linerless polypropylene caps.

Media Bottles
Plastic Media Bottles are a safe alternative to glass and are available in PETG round or polycarbonate square. PETG Media Bottles are certified non-pyrogenic, nuclease (DNase/RNase) free, particle free and Bioburdern/Cytotoxicity tested. Includes new-patented PE tamper-evident cap. They are gamma irradiated SAL 10-6 and packed in double layer shrink wrapped in trays. Polycarbonate Square Media Bottles are supplied with a leak-proof blue PP cap. They are autoclavable and are ideal for steam sterilization of all biologicals, liquids, reagents, media and buffers. They are manufactured in an ISO:9002 facility and are produced with medical grade, virgin Lexan® polycarbonate that is durable, chemically inert, non-leaching and optically superior.

Modern Round Bottles
Modern Round Bottles are available in Nylon/PE or HDPE. Nylon/PE modern rounds are nylon bottles co-extruded within a polyethylene bottle banded together by an adhesive. The advantage of this process is that no trace ingredients can get into the "sidewall maze". Containers produced by this process offer improved protection for non-polar hydrocarbons. Available in amber or natural. HDPE Modern Round Bottles feature side panels to allow for label application. The sloped shoulder of this bottle allow for maximum fill capacity.

Oblong Bottles
Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Oblong Bottles offer a space saving design for the workbench. These bottles feature a wide mouth opening, ideal for sampling solids and powders. HDPE provides an excellent moisture barrier and are impact resistant. They are ideal for high-speed filling, demanding pharmaceutical specifications and the rough handling of interstate shipping.

Packer Bottles
Packer Bottles are ideal for oil analysis. PET is stress and impact resistant and provides a good alcohol and solvent barrier. Amber PET Packer Bottles protect from harmful light and UV rays. Heavyweight Clear PET Packer Bottles feature a heavywall construction (24 gram thickness) that will withstand the use of a vacuum pump and higher sampling temperatures. Clear PET Packer Bottles make sample identification a snap.

Straight Sided Round Bottles
HDPE Straight Sided Round Bottles are the ideal large capacity plastic container. The extra wide opening and jar style allow for easy insertion and recovery of contents.

Wide Mouth Round Bottles
Natural HDPE Wide Mouth Rounds are ideal for general lab use with solids and powders. These HDPE bottles provide an excellent moisture barrier and are impact resistant. They are ideal for high-speed filling, demanding pharmaceutical specifications and the rough handling of interstate shipping. Natural HDPE Tall Wide Mouth Round Bottles have a space saving design and are ideal for general use with solids and powders.

Plastic Jugs & Large Volume Vessels

Cubitainers are low-density flexible polyethylene cube-shaped inserts inside a heavy-duty corrugated outer carton. Easy to ship, handle and pour. Designed to collapse as product is dispensed. The non-glug design assures product flow in a continuous, uninterrupted stream. A reversible well design permits opening to be raised or depressed for pouring and storage. Built to withstand the rigors of hazardous chemical packaging.

Dairy Jugs
Natural, lightweight dairy jugs are available in capacities from 8 to 128 ounces. These inexpensive, general purpose containers are ideal for sampling and storeroom use.

Fluorinated Jugs
Fluorinated jugs provide the barrier protection you need for large volumes of liquids. Fluorinated jugs offer permeation protection 100 times better than HDPE alone. These jugs provide improved product odor control and container shape retention. They guard against product weight loss, permeation, and discoloration of the container.

F-Style Jugs
HDPE F-Style jugs are ideal for environmental applications. The molded panel allows for easy label application and features a space saving rectangular shape.

The Hedpak is a rigid, high-density polyethylene container. An integral handle on the top face with molded pouring vent, along with a finger recess on the bottom of the bottle make it easy-to-use. The square design saves space when storing and shipping.

Open Head Pails
Durable HDPE pails are perfect for storing and shipping large volumes of solids, powders and liquids. Ideal for general shop or warehouse usage. Pails have a rounded hand grip with metal bail. Various color pails and lids are available in pallet quantities.

Round Handled Jugs
Handled Rounds provide the right solution when you need to store large volumes of product. Large grasp area makes for precise handling. Wide Mouth Handled Rounds will hold up to 128oz and has a finger grip for easy pouring. 190 gram Heavyweight Handled Rounds are ideal for high speed filling.

Square Carboys
5 Gallon square carboys are equipped with large handles making it easy for lifting and carrying. Ribbed side panels for give added strength. Ideal for storage and transport of chemicals and agrochemicals, or pharmaceutical preparations.

Square Handled Jugs
Square Handled Jugs are made from durable HDPE. The space saving design on these jugs makes them ideal for the workbench. These HDPE jugs provide an excellent moisture barrier and are impact resistant.

Winpaks are cylindrical in shape with spout placement in line with the sidewall for maximum removal of product during dispensing. The unit is also equipped with a swing handle on the top face. Designed for the secure, dependable shipment and storage of liquid products.

Plastic Vials & Tubes

Cryogenic Vials
Cryogenic Vials are ideal for storage or transport of material at extremely low temperatures. Smooth and uniform inner surface for easy filling and sample preparation.

Hinged Vials
Polypropylene Hinged Vials are leak-proof and airtight and are produced by using a Sterile-by-Process (aseptic) method. Hinged vials are manufactured using a unique, patented process that closes the vial lid while still in the mold and prior to ejecting the container. The process uses temperatures ranging from 390–440 °F which is too high to support living organisms. Hinged vials remain closed until they are opened for the first time by the user. The flip-top is integrally hinged to the container, allowing the user to open and close the container with one hand.

Snap Cap Vials
Polystyrene offers great rigidity and glass-like clarity. Polyethylene caps "snap" on and off quickly and easily. Great for storing bench top accessories and field sampling.