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Floc/Jar Testers

Flocculation Testers (also known as Jar Testers) are designed for a range of applications - such as testing the efficiency of floccution or preciptation agents.

•Continuously variable stirring speed (lab versions only)
•Digital display of stirring RPM
•Timer function
•Illuminated back panel for glare-free observation
• Height adjustment option for the stirring blades during operation

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    • 238893
    • Portable Floc Testers with 4 stirring places, each
    • $1,765.70
    • 238847
    • Laboratory Floc Testers with 4 stirring places, each
    • $2,415.80
    • 238848
    • Laboratory Floc Testers with 6 stirring places, each
    • $2,588.30
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