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Colorimeters & Accessories

The Multi-Parameter Colorimeter features a 6 wavelength photo detector array. This versatile instrument tests for a wide range of water quality parameters and and it can used for testing in the field or in the laboratory. Up to 1,000 data sets can be stored in the instrument’s internal memory to assure good record keeping, and can be transferred to a computer or printer with the IRiM. This Multi-Parameter Colorimeter comes with: 24 mm sample cells, 10 mm sample cells, 16 mm tube adapter, batteries, operator’s manual and carrying case.

Single Parameter Colorimeters are rugged and waterproof for laboratory and field testing. When a light beam passes through the colored sample, energy with a specific wavelength is absorbed by the test substance. The colorimeter determines the coloration of the sample by measuring the transmission or absorption of light of this wavelength (monochromatic light). The instrument then uses a microprocessor to calculate the required concentration and displays the result. Available in a wide range of parameters, it mainly uses powder pack and tablet chemistries, ensuring accurate doses of reagents. The instrument features a large, backlit display for easy viewing of results, as well as a real time clock, datalogging capabilities, and a user calibration mode which allows the user to calibrate against prepared standards. Supplied with a battery, sample cells, reagents, instruction manual, and carrying case.

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