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Vials & Tubes

Qorpak offers a complete line of plastic and glass Vials and Lab Tubes.  Our selection of glass vials includes chromatography vials, sample vials, shell vials, TOC  vials, and serum vials. Borosilicate glass chromatography vials are offered in crimp top, snap top and screw thread cap in clear or amber, with or without colored marking or graduation spots for easy sample identification. Screw thread borosilicate glass sample vials are available in amber, clear (flint), cobalt blue or green. Choose from a wide selection of caps already attached or purchase caps separately. Pre-cleaned vials for VOA also available by contacting our customer service department. Plastic vials include PFA vials, hinged vials, cryogenic, drosophila, transport and snap cap styles.

Our selection of lab tubes includes test tubes, culture tubes, and centrifuge tubes. Quality PYREX® borosilicate glass culture and test tubes are offered in a variety of sizes and styles including flat or round bottom, rimless, beaded rim or screw thread. Culture tubes, centrifuge tubes and microcentrifuge tubes are shown in a variety of plastic resins including, polystyrene, polypropylene and co-polymer. Choose from caps already attached, caps as an integral part of the tube, or lab tubes without caps.


Available Vials & Tubes: