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Vortex Genie® 2

The Vortex-Genie® 2 mixer blends fluids quickly and thoroughly with a true vortex action that prevents spilling, even when tubes must be uncapped. It is capable of ranges from gentle yet thorough shaking action to extremely vigorous vortexing depending on the attachment chosen. The operator completely controls the mix of test tubes, beakers and flasks by varying the speed of the motor and/or the angle of contact and pressure against the mixing head.

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    • AKM-5000-0002
    • Vortex Genie® 2 with Pop-Off Cup & 3" Platform with Rubber Cover, each

      Features at a Glance:

      • Variable Speed Control for High-Precision Mixing
      • Touch Mode Setting (1–60 seconds)
      • Hands-free Operational Capability (1–60 minutes)
      • 8.8 lbs. Metal-encased Bottom Body
      • Specially Designed Rubber Made Feet Stopper
      • Pop-off Cup for Single Test Tubes and Standard 3-inch Platform for Multiple Containers
      • Operational Speed Range of 600-3200 rpm
      • ETL and CE Certified
      • Dimensions: 6.5” D x 4.8” W x 6.5” H D. Weight: 8.8 lbs.

      The Vortex Genie® 2 mixer sets the standards for unparalleled reliability, multitasking versatility, power efficiency, high-speed performance, and long-term durability, making it the most popular and widely-used model among laboratories across the globe. This familiar lab mixer has years of proven performance in thoroughly blending fluids using a precise vortex action without spilling even when running uncapped tubes.

      Engineered for efficient and versatile laboratory applications, this innovative, multitasking vortex mixer is capable of gently and/or aggressively running a wide collection of glassware in various proportions for hands-free or touch-on vortexing operation. With its built-in 3-position power switch, the operator can opt for a hands-free constant high-intensity mixing that eliminates the need for close monitoring and significantly increase lab productivity. This high-precision vortex mixer can be used in cold rooms and incubators, in addition to other scientific laboratory applications.

      This high-end Vortex-Genie quality mixing apparatus is supplied with a quick-change standard cup to run single test tubes and a 7.6cm (3") platform to accommodate specific shapes and sizes of beakers, flasks, and multiple test tubes. Vortex Genie® 2 is fabricated with solid cast-metal base to provide a stable platform and rubberized feet stopper to prevent it from moving even under speedy shaking or vortexing operation.

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