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Roto-Shake Genie®

Roto Shake Genie® is a combination platform/tilt, shaker, rocker, and specialized rotator mixes tubes 6 different ways: rotating, rocking/ shaking, rotating/rocking, rolling/rocking and rotating/ rolling, as well as a combination of all these mixing actions. An optional 3-D Orbital Shaker Attachment transforms the unit into an orbital shaker. Easy to remove, two-sided 8” x 13.5” (20.3cm x 34.3cm) stainless steel magnetic platform easily converts from rotating to rocking with a simple mechanical adjustment.

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    • AKM-5000-0005
    • Roto-Shake Genie® with 12x 12 metal rocker tray, 4 magnetic stainless steel mounting strips, 1 clip plate of r12 each of 10-13mm tubes, 1 clip plate for 6 each 15-17mm tubes, 1 clip plate for 3 each of 28-30mm tubes, each

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