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Heavy Duty Magnetic Stirrers

120V Heavy Duty Magnetic Stirrers from Corning® have an 11” x 11” rugged plastic (ABS) top and can stir large volumes of liquid with ease. These stirrers are designed for 5 Gallon vessels (19L), but can stir up to 10 Gallons and can handle many applications that previously required an overhead stirrer. This powerful stirring is achieved with a very compact design that conserves bench space. The stirrer uses a special rare earth magnet for exceptional coupling strength. The magnet’s strength also centers the stir bar quickly inside the vessel. Heavy duty motor and rugged plastic (ABS) top will provide years of reliable service. Regulatory approvals include UL and CUL.

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    • AKM-5000-0072
    • 120V Corning® Heavy Duty Magnetic Stirrers, each

    • $921.75
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