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Digital Magnetic Stirrer

120V Digital Magnetic Stirrer from Corning® with Pyroceram® top and is a low profile stirrer. Exclusive closed-loop stirring control monitors and regulates the stirring speed for aqueous, viscous, or semi-solid solutions. Digital LED speed display gives you better control of your stirring process. A stronger, larger magnet improves stir bar coupling and automatic ramp-up speed adjustment minimizes decoupling. Two piece casting design deflects spills away from electronics and includes a built in mount for an optional 18” support rod. Dimensions: 4.8" H x 10.6" W x 15.8" D. Weight: 11.5lbs.

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    • AKM-5000-0071
    • 120V Corning® 10 x 10" Digital Magnetic Stirrer, each
    • $561.70
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