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High Resolution Compact Balances

Full digital calibration simplifies calibration by eliminating the need to continuously load & unload calibration weights to adjust Zero and Span.

ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement) Continuous recalculation & update of average piece weight ensures optimum count accuracy even with very small parts.

High Resolution Compact Balances Features
• Auto Power Off conserves battery life
• Triple Range Weighing
• LCD Backlight
• Splash Proof Keyboard & Display
• National Type Evaluation Program
• GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance
• Standard RS-232C interface can be used to connect to PC & printer
• Five year warranty

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    • AKM-5000-0032
    • High Resolution Compact Balance, Capacity 3/6/12kg, Resolution 1/2/5g, Pan size Ø 4.3", each
    • $403.00
    • AKM-5000-0030
    • High Resolution Compact Balance, Capacity 30/60/150g, Resolution .01/.02/.05g, Pan size Ø 4.3", each
    • $403.00
    • AKM-5000-0031
    • High Resolution Compact Balance, Capacity 300/600/1,500g, Resolution .1/.2/.5g, Pan Size 5.2" x 6.7", each
    • $403.00
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