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Motorized Pipette Fillers

Pipette fillers are frequently used in the laboratory for the vacuum-assisted filling of various types of glass and plastic pipettes. The filler creates a partial vacuum above the targeted liquid, which permits the liquid to be drawn up into the tip of the pipette being used. By releasing this vacuum at a later point, the pipette filler aids in the dispensing of the fluid, as well.

Qorpak’s eight-speed Motorized Pipette Fillers are great for aspirating and dispensing fluid in laboratory settings. Our fillers feature hydrophobic filters and can be used with all plastic and glass pipettes between 1-100ml. It takes a mere five seconds to fill a 50mL pipette! What’s more is that these motorized pipette fillers are ISO 9001 and 13485 compliant (for medical devices and Good Laboratory Practice guidelines).
Features and Operation:

Features and Operation:
• Easily operate filler with one hand
• Select the desired speed by using the speed adjustment wheel
• Use separate aspirate and dispense speed controls
• Simplify disinfecting and decontamination with fully autoclavable nose-cone housing
• Get visual confirmation of remaining battery charge and speed settings via an LCD screen
• Experience the long runtime charge of the lithium-ion battery
• Use these fillers with all plastic and glass pipettes between 1-100mL

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    • AKM-2901-0053
    • 0.2µm Replacement Hydrophobic Filter for Motorized Pipette Fillers
    • $7.50
    • AKM-2901-0054
    • 0.45µm Replacement Hydrophobic Filter for Motorized Pipette Fillers
    • $10.00
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