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Single Channel Micropipettors

Adjustable Volume Single Channel Micropipettors feature a ergonomic, low force design to reduce physical stress and discomfort. Lightweight for easy, ambidextrous one-handed operation, calibration and maintenance. These micropipettors have a corrosion-resistant piston, tip cone and ejector collar. Each pipettor has been factory-tested and certified at 22? according to ISO 8655 for piston-operated volumetric apparatus and DIN 12650 standard for pipettors and their calibration. Each pipettors bears its own serial number and passes strict performance control attested by an individual QC certificate. They Comply with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 for medical devices and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines, bear the CE mark and have a 3 year warranty.

Features and Operation:
• Simply turn the plunger for volume selection
• Finger support keeps the instrument in place with minimum user effort
• Tip ejector allows convenient one-handed operation
• Ejector collar and tip cone can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Durable cone tip materials provide excellent chemical resistance
• Digital display clearly reads volume setting
• Easy to calibrate and maintain with calibration tool included

Available Single Channel Micropipettors: