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Wondering where to buy pipettes online? You just found your answer. Qorpak offers a wide range of quality pipettes (pipets) in glass and plastic to dispense just the right amount of liquid. When you buy pipettes from Qorpak, you can perform liquid dispensing tasks in the laboratory with confidence. Our catalog is sure to have something that meets your needs.

Mechanical & Motorized Pipettors have a lightweight, ergonomic design. Plastic transfer pipettes are convenient for a variety of liquid handling tasks when precise measurement is not needed. Class A borosilicate glass Volumetric pipettes are available calibrated. Serological pipettes are sold in disposable or reusable glass or virgin polystyrene. And there are more still!

Get your hands on high quality pipettes and pipettors at a great price! When it comes to dispensing liquid, Qorpak’s pipettes are indispensable.

Available Pipets: