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Sampling, testing and validation all require that results are not skewed by a contaminant that may have come from the container. Newly manufactured bottles and vials may contain release agents and contaminants from the factory which coats all surfaces of this bottles and vials on the inside and out. We recommend that if the quality of your contents is important to you - that you Pre-Clean your bottles. For a limited time, we have several pre-cleaned items in our Clearance Warehouse - a little extra clean with some extra savings! 

Item # Description Qty Was NOW
275921 16oz Amber Straight Sided Round with F217 & PTFE Cap - Vacuum & Ionized 12 $75.30 $26.24
PLC-08925 4oz Oil Analysis Bottle, Super Cleaned & Certified for OA 48 $67.52 $50.64
244637 8oz Natural HDPE Straight Sided Round, Cleaned & Certified for Metals 24 $49.76 $33.65
244635 16oz Natural HDPE Straight Sided Round, Cleaned & Certified for Metals 24  $58.23  $38.85 

You can find a description of our various cleaning services here - Cleaning Processes. We offer a vast variety of value added services that work with our glass and plastic packaging AND your needs. If you would like to speak to someone before purchasing, please contact our knowledgeable Customer Care team by calling (800) 922-7558 or emailing  

Don't forget to check back monthly for special features and regularly check our Clearance Warehouse for the latest closeout deals and markdowns!