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Green Cleaning Wipes

Green Cleaning Wipes are an effective way to clean your water-safe surfaces while being environmentally responsible. The all-purpose formula is non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free, low VOC, non-flammable, contains no dyes or hazardous ingredients. They are safe on any water safe surface. The wipe is flushable & dispersible and is soft and non-scratching. The container is completely recyclable. Green Cleaning Wipes were developed with the concept that being proactive in the ecological movement doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the effectiveness of your cleaning products.
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    • 235523
    • 6 x 8' Green Cleaning Wipes - 1 Wipe Packets, Case of 100
    • $69.19
    • 235524
    • 6 x 10.5" Green Cleaning Wipes - 90 Wipe Container, Case of 6
    • $87.11
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