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Elisa Plates

96 well detachable Elisa Plates follow the standard 96-well module format for flexibility. Optically clear plates for quantitative and qualitative ELISA and binding assays. The well strips are easy to take in and out of the frame without use of any special tools. Positively charged medium-sized or high molecular proteins >10KD. Consistent inner surface for high sensitivity and fast assay times. The modules remain in the frame when inverted and feature alphanumeric well identification.
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    • AKM-3303-0037
    • 8W x 12 Flat PS High Binding >10kD 300~400 ng/cm² Elisa Plate, Case of 200
    • $396.00
    • AKM-3303-0038
    • 12W x 8 Flat PS High Binding, >10kD, 300~400 ng/cm² Elisa Plate, Case of 200
    • $396.00
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