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Acid & Alkali Cleanroom Gloves

Acid & Alkali Cleanroom Gloves with 14 inch protection are packaged for ISO 5 (Class 100) applications. Handling for wet or dry environments. Engineered for corrosive alkalis and ultra-strong acids such as hydrofluoric acid (HF), aqua regia and nitric acid (HNO3); provides secure protection from a wide variety and concentration of chemicals.

Flexibility combined with slip-proof texturing make for convenient, precise handling of liquid chemicals. Seamless paired RH/LH gloves with comfort curve design minimize hand and finger fatigue. Manufactured of chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) [Hypalon(R)] for exceptional durability.

Semiconductors, transistors, glass and metals etching, plating and dyeing, chemical handling, parts cleaning.

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    • AKM-5500-0073
    • Large White Acid & Alkali Cleanroom Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) Synthetic Rubber (CSM) Gloves - 14" Length, 1 pair
    • $122.45
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