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Qorpak provides a variety of plastic and glass lab flasks for many different applications in chemistry, science and laboratories. Our selection of lab flasks includes many sizes of flat and round bottom flasks, boiling flasks, centrifuge flasks, shake flasks, culture flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks & more.

Boiling Flasks are available in short and long necks, with round or flat bottoms, and with either glass joints or rubber stoppers. Polycarbonate Centrifuge Flasks are designed to be a safer alternative to glass.  Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Shaker Flasks are ideal for cell cultures, microbial cultures, plants, media preparation, storage, and all related lab applications. PC Erlenmeyer Shaker flasks are manufactured in an ISO9002 facility with medical grade, virgin Lexan® polycarbonate resin that is, durable, chemically inert, non-leaching, and optically superior.

Glass culture flasks are available as long neck flasks or low form narrow mouth flask. Erlenmeyer lab flasks are available with or without stoppers or caps and in many styles, including heavy duty, filtering, narrow mouth, wide mouth, and low Actinic flasks. Kjeldahl flasks, used for determining nitogren, have tooled finished necks for extra strength and uniform stopper fit. Filtering Flasks have sidearm tabulations to connect to a vacuum source. Volumetric flasks are available with snap caps or stoppers; styles include heavy duty, PYREXPlus®, low Actinic, Class A and economy volumetric flasks.


Available Flasks: