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Polyester Drain Discs

Polyester Drain Discs are for use with membrane hardware where extra support is needed for improved flow rate and throughput. The polyester drain disc is binder-free and has a thickness of 100 µm. It provides a flat surface to eliminate filter tearing or rupturing. It is also used as a separator between membrane layers in serial stack filtration applications. This chemically inert support disc is available in a variety of diameters for use in a range of devices.

• General laboratory microfiltration
• Quality control and sterility testing
• Removal of particulates from HPLC solvents
• Tissue culture media filtration

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    • Quantity
    • AKM-9006-0024
    • 10mm Polyester Drain Disc, Case of 100
    • $60.86
    • AKM-9006-0026
    • 22mm Polyester Drain Disc, Case of 100
    • $64.88
    • AKM-9006-0028
    • 25mm Polyester Drain Disc, Case of 100
    • $67.38
    • AKM-9006-0030
    • 37mm Polyester Drain Disc, Case of 100
    • $71.26
    • AKM-9006-0032
    • 47mm Polyester Drain Disc, Case of 100
    • $82.90
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