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Sugar Industry Filter Papers

Sugar Industry Filter Paper
Creped or smooth filter papers have a good retentivity at a relatively high filtration speed. They are used for the clarifying filtration of:

• Dried beet pulp extracts
• Beet juice after the addition of lead acetate for subsequent polarimetric sugar determination
• Grade 3459 is specifically designed for the Venema unit (lead acetate method)

Grade 551
Black colored paper with a medium to slow flow rate. Provides contrast for the detection of very fine traces of white precipitates.

Grade 287
Kieselguhr paper with a medium to slow flow rate. Additional adsorption effect, e.g. for the separation of very fine
semi-colloidal turbidity, for clarifying milk serum, starch solutions, soil suspensions or sugar-containing solutions prior to polarimetry or refractometry. Available prepleated as 287 1¼2.

Grade 2555
A medium fast filter paper. Used for the filtration of the mash for the determination of the extract in malt and wort acc. to the EBC and for removing carbon dioxide from beer. Available prepleated as 2555 1¼2.

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    • AKM-9007-0378
    • 230mm Sugar Industry Filter Paper Grade 3459, Case of 1,000
    • $243.28
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