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Filtration Products

We have the right lab filtration products for your application. Most of our laboratory filters are manufactured by Whatman® and offer unparalleled quality and consistency. Glass microfiber lab filters have a fine capillary structure and can absorb significantly larger quantities of water than an equivalent filter. Cellulose lab filters are tested for basis weight, thickness, air flow, and strength for guaranteed quality, reproducibility, and uniformity. Membrane lab filters offer accurately controlled pore size distribution with higher strength and flexibility. Membrane filter accessories include polyester drain discs, glass reservoirs, and syringe-type and vacuum-type membrane filter holders.

Lab filtration devices are designed for filtration of samples with the most advanced construction methods and design features; filtration devices include microbiological monitors, analytical funnels and capsule filters. Syringe filters provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions. Syringeless filters are pre-assembled convenient laboratory filtration devices for removing particulates from samples.


Available Filtration Products: