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Detergent 8® Low-Foaming Ion-Free Liquid Detergent

Detergent 8® Low Foaming Phosphate Free Detergent: Nonionic, concentrated detergent for labware washers, PC board washers, power-spray systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems and manual cleaning. Specially formulated to remove oils, resins, rosins, and fluxes from printed circuit boards, electronic parts, phosphate sensitive labware and nuclear contaminated equipment with no interfering conductive residues. Excellent replacement for solvent cleaning. Dilute 3:100. pH 11.
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    • AKM-6000-0029
    • 1 Gallon Jug Detergent 8® Low-Foaming Ion-Free Liquid Detergent, Case of 4 - This item may be subject to a Hazardous Material handling fee. You will be contacted if additional charges apply.
    • $361.00
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