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Used most frequently in determining the chemical concentration of various substances, standard solutions play an integral role in analytical chemistry. The standard itself is a solution that has a definite determined concentration of a particular analyte. Once a chemical standard is constructed, it can be used for measurement, calibration and verification of other solutions.

Qorpak carries a wide array of standard solutions, ranging from Aluminum AA to Zinc AA (with many in between). Each product is thoroughly tested and traceable, with proven reliability in a laboratory settings.

Freight charges for chemicals will be added separately and may include additional "hazardous" charges.

Some carriers have regulations and limitations on acceptable products and may impose a surcharge on all items designated "hazardous". Qorpak sells chemical products only to qualified companies and ships to US addresses only. All orders are subject to and will be shipped according to federal regulations. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions.