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Chemical Solutions

Buying prepared chemical solutions is a cost-effective way to increase safety and save chemists’ valuable time. Qorpak’s product offering – laboratory chemicals of a variety of sizes and strengths (pH) – is designed to meet your needs. Chemists require solutions for a wide array of applications, and that is exactly what our catalog of lab chemicals offers. Need a strong acid to facilitate a corrosive reaction? We have plenty. Perhaps you need a liquid reagent for water quality analysis? We have those, too. In addition to acids and reagents, Qorpak provides alcohols, bases, buffers, indicators, normality solutions, standards, and a number of other chemical solutions.

All Qorpak quality chemical solutions are:

• ISO 9001:2000 Certification guarantees quality
• Made with ACS grade or better raw materials
• ASTM type II water, filtered double de-ionized water used for all solutions
• Solutions are NIST traceable
• Labeling meets OSHA / ANSI requirements
• Expiration dating with specific lot numbers
• Each lot numbered packaging unit is backed up by a retention sample
• Greater lot-to-lot consistency due to larger batch sizes
• Certificates of Analysis available for all lot numbers
• MSDS with on line availability

Custom manufactured solutions are available and made to exact customer specifications, and in quantities and the packaging sizes requested. Also available are special labels, proprietary solutions, buffers of an unusual pH and unique bottle size.

Freight charges for chemicals will be added separately and may include additional "hazardous" charges.

Some carriers have regulations and limitations on acceptable products and may impose a surcharge on all items designated "hazardous". Qorpak sells chemical products only to qualified companies and ships to US addresses only. All orders are subject to and will be shipped according to federal regulations. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions.

Chemical Solutions