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F-Style Cans

F-Style Cans

Metal F-Style Oblong Cans are ideal for products such as cooking oils, paint thinners, turpentine, lighter fluids, insecticides, and general storage applications. They are compact and easily fit on a shelf. Screw top lids available on oblong cans provide for packaging liquids or pourable emulsions. Air tight seal is provided at the time of original filling and can readily be achieved when resealing after use. This sealing arrangement is used when it is desirable to be able to pour product, or to apply small quantities to a cloth or sponge. May be sterilized by heat if necessary. Capable of withstanding a great deal of physical shock in shipping and storage. Compatible with a wide range of products and temperatures.  For items with caps included, please note that caps are enclosed, not attached.

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