Pre-preserved Vials with HCL

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Pre-preserved Vials with HCL

Pre-preserved Vials with HCL

Vials Pre-Preserved with HCL come with the assurance of receiving the highest-grade assay of chemical for the applicable requirements.

  • Chemicals used are received with tested assay certificates for each product and are purchased in single lot controlled sizes for continuous consistency
  • Prior to use, each and every chemical is analytically tested by a Third Party validation laboratory for potential contamination from the manufacturer. Third Party validation Laboratories hold current and acceptable status with the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).
  • The same Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Methods used for validating our containers are also used in testing the preservation chemicals
  • Each chemical must meet the required acceptance criteria of Reporting Limits as listed on the Certificate of Analysis Form. Should any chemical fail to meet the performance based criteria, the chemical is not used and is returned.
  • Each lot number that corresponds to the Chemical or Solvent is traceable to the Certificate of Analysis on preserved products
  • Reporting Limits for preservative Certificates of Analysis are based on the lowest analyte standard that can be analyzed while meeting the method confidence limits as established by the EPA method or regulation. Chemical Grade & Type - Metals Trace Grade - (Liquid)1:1 (16-19%).
  • Analytical Method - Volatile Organics and EPA Library Search (TICs); Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TCEQ-1005); Oil & Grease; Total Organic Carbon
  • All pre-cleaned containers are supplied pre-assembled with caps attached. Please contact us for more information on the bottle/closure/cleaning service combination best suited to your application.

Please note: Precleaned items are not returnable. Lead time and minimum order quantities may apply. Please click on item # to view details.

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