Packer Bottles, Ready to Clean

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Packer Bottles, Ready to Clean

Packer Bottles, Ready to Clean

Ready to Clean Packer Bottles are designed for customers who need to use their own cleaning process. Ready to Clean bottles are fully assembled with black polypropylene caps and a friction fit .015" PTFE disc. Both cap and liner can be cleaned or autoclaved depending upon your application. The PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) disc is chemically inert, and will not interfere with your test results.

Amber Glass Packer Bottles feature a wide mouth and are a great general purpose bottle for solids. The amber color filters out ultraviolet wavelengths, making amber packers ideal for light sensitive solids. The classic “vitamin bottles”, packer bottles are often used in pharmaceutical packaging and are also useful for chemical and environmental applications.

Ready to Clean Amber Glass Packer Bottles are available in a wide variety of sizes, from 0.5oz(15ml) to 84oz(2,500ml). Refer to Cap Sizes and Neck Finshes for information on cap sizing.

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