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SturdeeSeal® Closure Torque System

Easy-to-use Sturdeeseal® Closure Torque System takes the guess-work out of closure application. Product allows users to properly secure closures at the correct degree of torque to ensure a proper seal.

Unlike large bench-top torque measuring devices, this system is lightweight, portable, easy to store, and more economical. The closure adapter is made of durable Delrin with an aluminum frame and textured stainless steel adjuster.

Unit comes with 2 sets of interchangeable inserts to accommodate closure sizes ranging from 20 mm – 70 mm. The rubber inserts allow the SturdeeSeal® Closure Torque System to be used for both smooth finish and ribbed closures.

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    • HMS-10150
    • 20mm to 70mm Closure Torque System, each
    • $595.00
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