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Bottles & Jars

Qorpak supplies one of biggest selections of glass and plastic bottles and jars available on the web. We offer a complete line of sample bottles and jars and laboratory bottles and jars. We also provide bottles and jars for pharmaceutical packaging, general packaging, medical use, life sciences, and other general needs.

Our bottle selection includes amber and clear glass bottles, safety coated glass bottles, plastic bottles, and dispensing bottles. Our bottles and jars are available in convenience packs or bulk packs, with or without caps attached. Also available Ready to Clean or Vacuum & Ionized. Additional cleaning processes are available.

A few of our popular styles of lab bottles include Bottle Beakers, dropper bottles, flip top bottles, and trigger sprayers. You can also find Boston Rounds, French Square Bottles, media bottles, packers, and wide mouth bottles available in multiple materials and categories.

Available Bottles & Jars: