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Griffin Beakers

Did you know? Griffin Beakers, also known as low-form beakers, were devised in the 1800s by John Joseph Griffin, an English chemist, inventor, and publisher who helped popularize chemistry during his time.

Qorpak offers a full line of Borosilicate glass Griffin Beakers. PYREX® Heavy Duty Graduated Griffin Beakers are specifically designed to offer the best mechanical strength under harsh conditions, such as mechanized washing operations, and are available in many sizes ranging from 150ml to 4,000ml capacity. KIMAX® Griffin Beakers are slightly flared with a beaded top and spout for excellent pouring characteristics, available as small as 10ml and as large as 4,000ml. Also available from 10ml to 4,000ml are PYREX® Low Form Graduated Griffin Beakers, which are manufactured with uniform wall thickness and offer optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. PYREX® Vista™ Griffin Beakers also balance good strength and thermal resistance and are our most economical PYREX® Griffin Beakers, available from 10ml to 4,000ml.

Available Griffin Beakers: