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Qorpak provides a full line of plastic and glass beakers in a variety of styles and sizes.

Our selection of glass beakers are all made from borosilicate glass and include both KIMAX® and PYREX® brands. Our glass beaker selection includes Berzelius beakers (also known as tall form beakers) and Griffin beakers (also known as low-form beakers). Berzelius beakers are available in sizes from 100ml to 1,000ml; Griffin beakers are available in sizes ranging from 10ml to 4,000ml, and the heavy duty glass beakers range from 250ml to 4,000ml.

Our plastic beakers include reusable, autoclavable polypropylene tri-cornered beakers available from 50ml to 1,000ml. We also carry cases of disposable polystyrene plastic beakers with four spouts, available from 5ml to 1,000ml, starting as low as seven cents per beaker.

Available Beakers: