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Qorpak is your Source for Lab Supplies, Glassware, and Packaging

For over 30 years, Qorpak has provided packaging solutions and laboratory supplies to the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, environmental, and educational markets.

Qorpak is a leading provider of lab containers and packaging products. We are perhaps best known for our huge selection of bottles, and we also carry bottle caps and closures, jugs, bags, metal containers, and more.

Qorpak boasts a complete line of lab glassware including vials, beakers, lab flasks, graduated cylinders, and more. If you are looking to procure lab glassware for chemistry, biology, or other scientific applications, Qorpak's extensive glassware selection is a must see.

Qorpak carries numerous other laboratory supplies as well. We offer lab supplies for specialty applications such as chromatography and wastewater analysis. In addition, Qorpak provides many options for common supplies including lab gloves, lab filters, scales and balances, mixers, and thousands of other lab supplies.

We are more than a website. We can do more than provide lab supplies and containers: we also provide specialty services including specialized kit assembly, pre-cleaned containers and parts, bottle capping, specialized case pack configurations and labeling. We pride ourselves tremendously on our service to laboratory, quality control, and other professionals. Qorpak is dedicated to being dependable, innovative, responsive, and customer centric to fill your needs.